Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gambling for fun and profit

Haven't posted on here for a while but decided to share my insights on gambling.  Let's be honest.  Most of you can gamble at the local convenience store and most of you probably have a casino within an hours drive, so going to Las Vegas just because you can gamble is not the attraction it was 30 years ago.  Now, you do have a lot more places to do it and a lot of different games that you can play, but, if you haven't at least bought a lottery ticket lately, you are in the minority.

That being said, there are more ways to lose money in Vegas than almost any other place you can visit. And most of those "smart gambling" websites aren't going to do you much good if you aren't a pro or semi-pro gambler.  So I'm just going to tell you the truth and the truth is that you are a degenerate drunken tourist.  The only reason you are gambling is to get free drinks and to hit it big.  And, sadly, you are probably going to crawl (or hopefully fly) home when it's all over.  So...think it through.

First of all, you probably aren't going to win a damned thing.  Repeat that over and over until you believe it because you should.  I have probably won money gambling 3 times in 25 trips.  Now maybe you're luckier than I am but I'd be willing to bet (I've got problems) that most people's experiences are closer to mine.  But, you definitely won't win any money if you don't have a goal in mine.  At some point, an awful lot of people are at least a little bit ahead, whether they are playing the table games or the slots but they keep playing.   Why?  Because they haven't won enough to stop.

So here's the first thing you need to decide:  how much is enough?  However unrealistic your goal may be, you need to know what it is.  Now, I'm not going to lie:  if your goal is to win a $1 Million, you aren't going to have very many good days.  But that is the most important thing you need to know when you sit down:  What do I have to win to walk away and get a hooker or something?

If you want to win a thousand dollars, then you need to find a game that could conceivably pay you a thousand dollars.  Quarter video poker is not a bad choice because, if you hit the Royal Flush, you've hit your goal.  You could also look for a slot machine that has a reasonable chance to hit that spot.  If you think are going to win that much playing most table games, you had better be prepared to be wagering black chips.  ($100 chips if you are scoring at home)

So, find the right game and have a goal.  You probably won't reach that goal but at least you'll know what it is.  Decide how many $$$ you are willing to spend before you give up and call it a day.  If you want to have a realistic chance to post that Facebook picture of your winning ticket, set you goals at a more reasonable level.  Find a machine with a fairly low jackpot or one that gives you multiple chances to reach your goal.

The title of this post is "Gambling for fun and profit" but, at the very least, I hope that you will do the former.  Las Vegas is the best place I know of to lose money, so, if you do, just make sure that you can afford what you are losing.  Besides, you can always enjoy your time just walking around, watching people and taking in the many sites that the city has to offer.

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